"The comparisons to daily life are astounding if you let yourself think about them. After all, with any goal, 'the destination doesn't change, just the route!" GPS vs GPS really captures a facet of God's role in our lives as Navigator. I am looking forward to more!
Ken E Thomas

"I really enjoyed reading the difference between global positional system and God's Protective Services. This comparison is easy to relate to; without either GPS we can be lost to a dangerous situation. I give this project 2 thumbs up!"
Joyce LaVerne - Washington of "Owl Express It.

"Insightful comparison, the simplicity of the truth made me smile. I would recommend the book to a friend or enemy! I give this book 7 stars!
Jonathan Tabor

"GPS vs GPS is an awesome tool that will truly enhance your walk with God. As I was reading through these pages I began to recall many times that I had gotten off tack with my relationship with God and needed His direction to help me get back on straight street. If there is anyone that is stagnant or complacent on this journey, this read will help to guide them back to a progressive moving forward position in God. This is one to carry with me all the time just in case i get lost."
Evangelist Pam Kennedy, Author of "Coming Out of Utter Darkness."

"GPS (God's Protective Service) won't steer you in the wrong direction or lose connection. When you veer off course GPS will recalculate and provide you with an alternative path to put you back on track to a prosperous life. All we have to do is follow GPS!"
Ken Thomas, Sr.